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EGV, EEW | Flexible Underbody Clamping

The EXPERT-TÜNKERS EGV-concept for flexible underbody clamping is based the compact, powerful and precise EGD-series. Additionally the EGV-series has an integrated high-precision mechanical interlocking, which is automatically activated when reaching the working position. Due to this feature the EGV can absorb high static loads, without the need of any additional external locking device.

The improved design of the EGV-series makes it a versatile element for the flexible underbody clamping in flexible production lines. During the live production cycle, one set of EGVs can provide up to four different clamping setups on demand.

The EGV-series can offer you maximum benefit and flexibility for your flexible production lines.


Advantages of the EGV / EEW-series

  • Compact design
  • High precision
  • High dynamics at short cycle times
  • High static loads
  • Integrated mechanical interlocking


EGV / EEW | Technical Specifications

Type EGV 090 EGV 125 EEW 125
Static Tangential Moment - [max.] 800 Nm 2.680 Nm 2.700 Nm
Tilting Moment - [max.] 1.000 Nm 3.400 Nm 3.450 Nm
Rotation Time - [90°] 2 s 2 s 1,8 s
Repeatability - [Radius 400 mm] ± 0,1 mm ± 0,05 mm ± 0,05 mm