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EMM | Mini-Multitooling

The EXPERT-TÜNKERS Mini-Multitooling is a compact tool-changing system for up to three different toolings. The three tooling-pallets are stored in a buffer system based on a flexible rotary table of our EDH-series. According to the individual production cycle, one of the toolings can be transported out of the buffer via a short, self-propelled rollerbed and placed precisely into the working station. Due to the separation of the buffer and the working station, the concept of flexible production can be applied to more expensive and complex manufacturing methots, e.g. laser welding.

With the Mini-Multitoolig concept, the size of the construction of the enclosed laser cabin can be kept as compact as possible. The buffer table can be placed on the outside of the cabin. Conventional solutions require a larger enclosure to maintain process safety.


EMM | Technical Specifications

Variable Max. Value
Customer Load - [Skid + Tooling] 2.000 kg
Rotation Angle 120°
Rotation Time 15 s
Motor Nominal Torque 6 Nm
Frequency Inverter Power 3 kW