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EDC | Double Cam Rotary Tables Request now

The rotary tables of our new EDC-series are an evolution of our proven EDH-series and a direct response to our future customer's needs. Continuously advancing customer loads combined with shortened cycle times demand a new type of product. Due to the increasing complexity of automation layouts, the available space for our products becomes scarce. This development makes an increase in power density inevitably. EXPERT-TÜNKERS wants to face these new developments with its new flexible double cam rotary table of the EDC-series. In direct comparison to an identically sized rotary table of the conventional EDH-series, the double cam design produces almost double the output torque.

The new EDC-series is based on the same design as the EDH-series and supplemented by a second cam drive. Since the mechanical gearbox for the cam synchronization is already integrated into the rotary table's design, only a servo-motor for the plug&play connector is required. The servomotor can not only be replaced faster during maintenance, but also individually positioned according to customer requirements. Besides the standard configuration with a servo-motor directly connected to the gearbox, we can offer a more compact side-by-side positioning or a cam-shaft connection for a decentralized drive solution. Especially for large, bent tooling setups the use of an additional cam-shaft connection is recommended for improved maintenance purposes.


ADVANTAGES of the EDC-Series

  • Doubled output torque at identical dimensions
  • Integrated gearbox - maintenance friendly and highly flexible
  • Based on the reliable and precise EXPERT-TÜNKERS cam follower concept
  • Variable drive positioning - from compact to decentralized
  • Maintenance friendly - Cam follower exchange without tooling removal


EDC | Technical Specifications

Type Ø-Tableplate Height Max. Axial-Load
EDC 810 560 mm 280 mm 4.500 kg
EDC 960 710 mm 310 mm 7.000 kg
EDC 1170 920 mm 360 mm 10.000 kg