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The rotary tables of our new EDH+-series have become an important key element for highly flexible automation applications. In contrast to our fixed-position EDX-series rotary tables, the flexible rotary tables are always equipped with an index cam with a constant pitch: resulting in an unchanged reduction ratio between the motor and the turntable plate. The partition is exclusively determined by the correspondence control unit of the servomotor.
The EDH-series can be adapted to almost any load by individual programming. In this case, the flexible servo geared motor not only enables the free setting of the output angle, but also an optimized acceleration response for the particular load.

Being flexible in use, the rotary tables of this type are particularly suitable for drive tasks in which the movement sequence has to be adapted in the production process, for example by new loads, new positions/end positions or travel directions. A typical example is the production of different vehicles on a production line, which makes flexible modification necessary in the production cycle.

The perfect media transmission solution for continuous rotating indexers is the EXPERT-TÜNKERS Slip Ring ETSR.



Advantages of the EDH+-Series

+ Individual positioning by servo-technology

+ Higher torque due to multi-cam-follower principle

+ More powerful with comparable installation space size

+ Optimal distribution of braking forces in case of emergency stop

+ Optimized design leading to higher torques at identical dimensions

+ Maintenance friendly - Cam follower exchange without tooling removal


EDH+ | Technical Specifications

Type Ø-Tableplate Height Max. Axial-Load
EDH+ 610 360 mm 190 mm 2.200 kg
EDH+ 700 450 mm 240 mm 6.000 kg
EDH+ 810 560 mm 280 mm 8.000 kg
EDH+ 960 710 mm 310 mm 10.000 kg
EDH+ 1170 920 mm 360 mm 13.000 kg
EDH 1370 1.120 mm 420 mm 22.000 kg
EDH 1600 1.350 mm 480 mm 26.000 kg
EDH 2050 1.800 mm 480 mm 37.000 kg
EDH 2550 2.300 mm 450 mm 47.000 kg
EDH 3250 3.000 mm 600 mm 64.000 kg