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EGC | Ring Rotary Table

The EGC precision index drive equipped with servo drive enabling the free selection of turntable indexing or rotation movement. Through the design of the positioning program, a jerk-free movement sequence is generated. During operation, the index cam causes a rotation of the table plate by the programmed angular displacement per step. While drive servomotor brake is active, the table is positioned with a backlash only dependent on the choice of the transmission and positive locking of the table plate without any additional locking device. The EGC-Series products are exclusively designed for a vertical rotational axis.


ADVANTAGES of the EGC-Series

• The "globoid-cylindrical" concept is based on the 45° inclination of the rollers, applied to the „ring“-technology. Combines the advantages of both the drum cam and came globoid principles:

  - Low height

  - Passage in the center of the large and completely clear output shaft

• The new relative position between the cam and the rollers allows a preload between these elements and therefore a play-free operation and a very high precision

• The cam acts simultaneously on several rollers, resulting in an increase in transmissible torques

EGC | Technical Specifications

Type Ø-Tableplate Height Max. Axial-Load
EGC 800 900 mm 145 mm 10.400 kg
EGC 1200 1.300 mm 145 mm 17.000 kg
EGC 2000 2.000 mm 145 mm 26.000 kg