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Our rotary tables of the EGC series are an indexing module for the realisation of flexible movement tasks through the usage of freely programmable servo motors.

The EGC combines two technologies: The EDH with a index cam and  the EGD, with a  globoidal index cam principle.

This enables extremely short cycle times with maximum precision and backlash-free positioning in the working position. The motion sequence is controlled by the motion parameters of the servo motor. For this reason, the output angle and acceleration can be freely set specifically adapted to the load case in each case.


Advantages of the EGC-Series

  • Individual positioning through servo technology

  • Extremely flat (145 mm)

  • Large center through hole

  • High load capacity

  • High torques due to multiple cam follower in the engagement

  • Optimised distribution of forces on several roller pins in case of emergency stop

  • High torques with a compact design

  • Easy to maintain - roller pins can be replaced without dismantling tools



EGC | Technical Specifications

Type Ø-Tableplate Center through hole Height Max. Axial-Load
EGC 800 900 mm 640 mm 145 mm 10.400 kg
EGC 1200 1.300 mm 1.040 mm 145 mm 17.000 kg
EGC 2000 2.000 mm 1.740 mm 145 mm 26.000 kg