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EDX | SmartTurn Control

Rotary tables and trunnion drives of the EDX-Series are optionally delivered with a SmartTurn Control Unit. This unit is designed to replace the previously used electro-mechanical cam switch system to monitor the cams position. With the SmartTurn Control comes a compact inductive sensor unit, which is mounted directly to the drive cam and collects live positioning data. This information is directly transmitted to the "smart" control unit.

The control unit can either be attached directly to the rotary table or in close proximity to it. During the live operation the control unit constantly analyses the motion cycle of the table. It can autonomously adjust the tables initial breaking point to ensure precise positioning over a long period of time. There is no more need for a complex PLC integration, time consuming adjustment of the mechanical cam switches during the commissioning or continuous brake adjustments. The SmartTurn Control is being set up before shipping out to the customer, which enables us to provide a plug & play rotary - ready to use out of the box.


Advantages of the SmartTurn Control

  • Plug & Play
  • Reduced wiring
  • Universal applicability
  • Smart break monitoring
  • Reduced commissioning time
  • Compact, tough and smart