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The EXPERT-TÜNKERS Lift-Rotate-Unit can manipulate complete car-bodies within the body-in-white production line. Common applications are stations for bolting, quality control and reworking. The modular setup unites two core EXPERT-TÜNKERS product segments. Large lift columns powered by one synchronized servo-gearmotor are combined with a flexible trunnion drive of our EDH-series

Directly after the car-body entered the workstation it is being fixated into the customized carrying frame and then lifted of the transportation skid. Thereafter the lift colums transfer the complete frame to the upper working position followed by the precise rotation of the trunnion drive. Thanks to the flexible trunnion drives the frame can be positioned in every required position to ensure easy access to all working positions.


Advantages of the Lift-Rotate-Unit

  • Compact design
  • Seamless integration into manufacturing lines
  • Manipulation of complete car-bodies
  • Accessibility for hard to reach working areas
  • Precise handling in upper working position
  • High flexibility due to servo-technology


HDE | Technical Specifications

Variable Max. Value
Customer Load - [Body + Frame] 50 - 3.000 kg
Vertical Stroke 1.200 - 2.800 mm
Lifting Time 3 - 10 s
Rotation Anlge flexibel