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Company History

More than 50 years ago, Hans Jäger created the foundation for the former EXPERT Maschinenbau GmbH with the design principle of the stepping tables, which was founded on May 23, 1961 together with the partners Karl Raab and Max Sievers in Lorsch an der Bergstraße. Through contacts with the automotive industry, the young company quickly grew into a globally active group of companies with activity in the field of welding technology, conveyor technology and the production of complex production facilities. Since 2006, the original core program for roller technology has been continued by EXPERT-TÜNKERS GmbH.






Construction of new production hall and expansion of the modern machinery.


Investing into the future! Modernization of the administrative and production buildings.


We celebrate the 10th anniversary of EXPERT-TÜNKERS GmbH


EXPERT anniversary - 50 years of competence in indexing and positioning


EXPERT-TÜNKERS GmbH prepares itself for the further expansion of the business with a smartly complemented and newly developed product range.


The family-owned company Tünkers Maschinenbau GmbH from Ratingen near Düsseldorf takes over the field of drive technology with 100 employees.
The production of turntables, lift powered rollerbeds, shuttle systems and complete lines for production logistics will then be resumed.


The 25,000th turntable and the 75,000th transformer is being delivered.


Volkswagen AG honors EXPERT Maschinenbau GmbH as Supplier of the Year.


A new office building is being built for the distribution and construction of the Special Machine Construction division


The company capacity for the installation and assembly of the special machine construction area is being expanded. The 1,600 m² hall of a neighboring prestressed concrete company is initially rented and finally taken over together with the 29,000 m² premises. This expansion was made necessary by the customer's demand for additional assembly areas for handling further large orders.


25th anniversary EXPERT Maschinenbau GmbH.


EXPERT Montageautomation GmbH is founded as a 100% subsidiary at the same location in Lorsch. As a sales partner of Bosch, this company is to develop, manufacture and distribute products, components and complete systems for flexible automation and assembly. To this end, the production and office space will be expanded by 4,000 m² through the acquisition of Industriestraße.
An expansion of the business fields and various participations, especially in the environment of the automotive suppliers, allow the number of employees to rise above the 1,000 mark.


Company founder Hans Jäger dies suddenly and unexpectedly on 03.09.1984.
After his death, the family continues the success story. Institutional investors take over the family business and initiate a further expansion phase.


The internationalization of the German automotive industry begins and reaches its suppliers. Growth to 210 employees and achieve annual sales of 13 million German mark.
In the same year Max Sievers and Carl Raab sell the company EXPERT AUTOMATION MACHINE COMPANY in the USA for reasons of age. This will eventually be incorporated into the newly founded company KUKA-ROBOTICS. The sale not only eliminates the need for close transatlantic ties, but also makes EXPERT Maschinenbau lose an important source of impulses and ideas.


The production hall, which was expanded in 1963, will be supplemented by a new office wing. The number of employees has since risen to over 50. Expert already generates an annual turnover of over DM 3 million.


Founding of EXPERT Maschinenbau GmbH. The idea of ​​Jäger, Raab and Sievers is to found a counterpart in Germany, based on the US-successful EXPERT AUTOMATION MACHINE COMPANY. The prerequisites for the success of this daring venture are ideal. The Detroit-based company had already made a name for itself as the forerunner of fast and accurate turntables for industrial automation. In addition, Hans Jäger brings not only his many years of experience in the field of automobile production at Opel AG, but also corresponding contacts in Germany and abroad.<

The location question is solved quite pragmatically with the help of a map of Germany. In the center of all important customers from Cologne, Kassel, Wolfsburg, Neckarsulm, Stuttgart and Munich lies the south Hessian Lorsch. Due to its proximity to Mannheim and Darmstadt, it also has good transport links and ideal logistics structures.

The first production hall with 1,000 m² will be built on a 20,000 m² plot of land on Seehofstraße. The company starts with nine employees. From the beginning, the development and construction of turntables has been of particular importance.


After 30 years with Adam Opel AG, Hans Jäger joined Roth Electric as a partner in Munich. There he develops turntables and transformers as the basis for modern body shop technology. Disagreements between the business partners lead to the early departure of Hans Jäger.


Hans Jäger begins his 30-year career at Adam Opel AG with an apprenticeship. Later he will take over the responsibility for the welding machine technology. Due to its position and responsibility, intensive contact is established with employees of the parent company General Motors and numerous suppliers in the USA. One of these suppliers is the EXPERT AUTOMATION MACHINE COMPANY in Detroit, founded by the German emigrants Max Sievers and Karl Raab before the Second World War.
The initial business relationship between Jäger, Sievers and Raab creates a friendship over time, the foundation stone for their future future together.


The later company founder Hans Jäger is born in Trebur near Rüsselsheim.