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The EXPERT-TÜNKERS Lift Powered Rollerbeds are an important element of the non-linked body-in-white production. Each station contains two mechanically synchronized lift columns and a rollerbed with an additional drive unit for the horizontal skid transport. The design of the vertical lifting columns is based on the reliable and precise cam follower principle used in the EXPERT-TÜNKERS rotary tables. Every lift columns contains a high-performance cam follower and a hardened cylindrical cam, which is powered by a servo-gearmotor connected via a camshaft. The geometrical design of the cam results in a self-locking feature of the cam follower in the final positions of the cam. The hardened cylindrical cam is essential for the dynamic, precise and reproducible transport of varying customer loads.


Lift Columns

The EXPERT-TÜNKERS lift columns are individually designed according to the customer's project and installation requirements. We can offer our customers a flexible or fixed and specially designed cylindrical cam curve design. The flexible cam version is entirely controlled by a servo-gearmotor and a frequency inverter. The fixed cam design is similar to our EDX-series. It is based on an individually calculated motion profile which is milled into every cam during the production. The curve's shape contains all acceleration and deceleration information required for the precise load Transportation. The fixed cam can be driven with an asynchronous gearmotor, which is connected directly to the power supply.

We integrated variations of the lift column design into further products, such as our Shuttle-Systems, the Lift-Rotate-Units or individually designed special drive solutions.



The EXPERT-TÜNKERS rollerbeds are the key to a swift, precise and safe horizontal part transfer. During the entry phase of the skid, the integrated servo-gearmotor of the rollerbed and several position sensors ensure an optimized deceleration of incoming parts. The exact final positioning of the skid is achieved by pneumatic skid locators, which are also integrated into the rollerbed. Following the successful completion of the working cycle, the rollerbed provides a fast transfer of the skid into the next station.


Advantages of the Lift Powered Rollerbed

  • Minimal cycle times - Total cycle time under 10 seconds
  • Soft and flexible part pick-up
  • Compact design
  • Extended durability and reduced maintenance
  • The decentralized conveying concept with separate drive units for vertical and horizontal transport
  • Flexible lift column positioning for best part accessibility


HSF | Technical Specifications

Variable Max. Value
Customer Load - [Skid + Body] 200 - 2.000 kg
Horizont Stroke 4.000 - 10.000 mm
Vertical Stroke 300 - 1.200 mm
Cycle Time - [Lifting-Transporting-Lowering] ≥ 7 s