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EMT | Multitooling System BMW

Flexible, Time-independent Side-wall tool changer based on the edh Series

The system developed and patented by BMW, consists of three EXPERT-TÜNKERS heavy-duty rotary tables EDH-series, whereby the center rotary table is described as the geometry rotary table and the two outer rotary tables as buffer rotary tables. The system works with 10x geometry linear units, whereby one pair is always required for one type. This means that five types (type A, B, C, D, E) can be traversed by the mix-independent cycle system.


The operator loads the clamping frame (type A1) in the loading station. Thereafter, the turntable rotates 180° (6 sec.) and the components clamped together are welded with robots in the weld station. The weld station also serves as the unloading station. The operator loads the second clamping tool (type A2) parallel to the welding process.

Model Change

During the work process of type A, the two required clamping tools (type B1 + type B2) are preselected and traversed by linear units from the buffer rotary tables to the geometry rotary table. Production of the new type B is commenced following a 90° rotation of the geometry rotary table.


Advantages of the Multitooling System

  • Flexible production for up to five different types
  • Low cycle times
  • Compact design
  • Type change during production
  • Highly customizable