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ERP | Skid-Ring-Conveyor Request now

The EXPERT-TÜNKERS skid-ring-conveyor extends the storage capacity of our cross-conveyor by a second level. Therefor two pairs of lifter columns already used in our Lift Powered Rollerbeds are responsible for the skid transport in-between the two buffer-layers.


Advantages of the Skid-Ring-Conveyor

  • Compact storage solution for the production lines
  • Buffer spaces for skid decoupling within production lines
  • Flexible dual-level layout
  • Modular shell design due to standard components


ERP | Technical Specifications

Variable Maximalwert
Kundenlast - [Skid + Karosse] 200 - 2.000 kg
Vertikalhub 1.500 - 2.800 mm
Horizontalhub 2.000 - 10.000 mm