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EGH | Level Lifter Request now

The EXPERT-TÜNKERS Level-Lifter is used for the transport of complete car bodies from the welding level to the second conveying level in the body-in-white manufacturing. It is based on a simple and solid base design with minimal depth, redundant drive technology for best operational safety and variable overall height to match the individual application demands of our customers.


Advantages of the lever lifter

  • Frame design based on standard I-beams
  • Compact design - minimal depth due to internal roller guide and counterweights
  • Safety technology according to OEM-standards


EGH | Technical Specifications

Variable Max. Value
Customer Load [Skid + Body] bis 1.500 kg
Vertical Stroke bis 12.000 mm
Lifing Time for 6.000 mm with 800 kg - 7,0 s
Lifing Time for 6.000 mm with 1.500 kg - 10,0 s
Lifting Accuracy ± 1 mm