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The EXPERT-TÜNKERS globoidal rotary tables of the EGD-series are compact index drives, designed for loads up to 2,000 kg. The globoidal principle allows very short cycle times at precise and low backlash positioning. The EGD-series is commonly used for fast manufacturing applications, packing or textile and glas production.

The design of the EGD-series is based on hardened, ground precision components and quality bearings with high load capacities. Every EGD comes with a centering device and standardized drilling pattern for individual tooling mounting or a table plate.

Based on the EGD-series we developed our flexible underbody clamping EGV-series as an additional element for the flexible production at your Multi-Model-Plant.


Advantages of THE EGD-Series

  • Low backlash indexing drive with globoidal cam
  • Hardened and ground precision components
  • Quality bearings with high load capacities
  • Short cycle times at high customer load and compact design


Technical Data EGD-Series

Type Max. stat. load Permissible tilting moment Ø-Tableplate Ø-Media-Duct Height
EGD 80 300 kg 400 Nm 76 mm 36 mm 126 mm
EGD 100 500 kg 700 Nm 100 mm 50 mm 150 mm
EGD 125 625 kg 1.000 Nm 122 mm 60 mm 191 mm
EGD 160 800 kg 1.700 Nm 212 mm 80 mm 190 mm
EGD 200 1.400 kg 2.500 Nm 247 mm 110 mm 290 mm
EGD 250 2.000 kg 4.000 Nm 445 mm 145 mm 355 mm