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EQF | Skid-Cross-Conveyors Request now

The EXPERT-TÜNKERS skid cross-conveyor system connect different body-in-white production lines and are also used as compact skid-storage system. Besides its core function to transfer skids in and out of the live production line, it is also possible to integrate an additional exit station for rework or control purposes.


Advantages of the skid cross-conveyors

  • Compact desing
  • Skid-transfer out and into the welding line
  • Buffer-system within the production line
  • Optional reworking station output available


EQF | Technical Specifications

Variable Max. Value
Customer Load - [Skid + Body] 200 - 2.000 kg
Vertical Stroke 50 - 200 mm
Horizontal Stroke 2.000 - 10.000 mm