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DHE | Rotate-Lift-Unit

The Expert-Tünkers Rotate-Lift-Unit is a tool-changing concept to enhance the flexibility of your production line. The system is based on one EDH-Heavy-Duty Rotary Table, similar to the BMW Multitooling. This table is used as buffer for up to four different toolings. First the required tooling is selected by the rotation of the buffer table. Afterwards the selected tooling is precisely positioned by the integrated lifting mechanism.


Advantages of the Rotate-Lift-Unit

  • High flexibility at compact design
  • Reduced cycle times for the flexible production
  • Precise and reliable cylindrical cam principle


DHE | Technical Specifications

Variable Max. Value
Customer Load - [Body + Frame] 12.000 kg
Rotation Angle 90°
Rotation Time 4,8 s
Vertical Stroke 150 mm
Lifting Time 1,8 s
Drive Power - [Roating] 61 kW
Drive Power - [Lifiting] 25 kW