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Indexing and Positioning

Your reliable partner for the segment of rotating and transporting technology since 1961 .


Rotary Tables | Trunnion Drives

One of our core product segments are rotary tables and runnion drives. The rotary index drives use a cylindrical cam drive to transmit the torque of the servo-gearmotor via cam followers to the table plate. These Rotary Tables have become a core element for automation solutions all over the world. Rotary Tables and Trunnion Drives from EXPERT-TÜNKERS stand for low indexing times and precise positioning, even at challenging applications and high customer loads.

Transporting Technology

Another essential product segment for us is transporting technology. EXPERT-TÜNKERS offers a wide variety of solutions for the body-in-white production, that meet the high customer demands regarding cycle times, precision and smooth component transfer. The EXPERT-TÜNKERS Lift-Powered-Rollerbeds have become a standard solution for the non-linked operation due to its high reliability and flexible station design. We also offer an alternative solution, our cost efficient lift & shift shuttle system for the linked operation. The newest addition to our transporting products segment is the EXPERT-TÜNKERS Level Lifter. It is used to transfer complete bodies from the welding line to the conveying system on the second level. Our goal is to offer our customers all required transportation elements from a single source - EXPERT-TÜNKERS.

Multiflex - Flexible Prodution

The Multiflex concept unites several products of the EXPERT-TÜNKERS portfolio. These products are specificly optimized and designed to fit the demands of the flexible production within the body-in-white production of the automotive sector. Based on the reliable EXPERT-TÜNKERS cylindrical cam principle we offer you individual solutions for today and tomorrow.