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EHS | Lift and Shift Shuttle

The EXPERT-TÜNKERS standard lift and shift shuttle system is a reliable conveying system for the interlinked operation in the body-in-white manufacturing. The vertical transfer system is powered by a cylindrica cam. Similar to the rotary tables of our EDX-series, the acceleration and deceleration of the customer load is controlled by the individually calculated and milled in motion curve of the cam. The high performance cam follower positively connects the cam to the pull rod and then fowards it to a lever mechanism, which translates the horizontal movement into a synchronized vertical stroke. An additional hydropneumatic mass compensation system constantly supports the vertical movement of the system.   

The horizontal drive is either based on an EXPERT-TÜNKERS backdrop drive or accurate servo-technology. The backdrop drives core element is a cam segment with pre-defined motion profile. It is responsible for a smooth and jerk-free initial part acceleration and final deceleration. Immediately after leaving the cam segment, the constant horizontal transport it handled by conventional toothed racks connected to the spur gear of the backdrop drive.


Advantages of the Lift and Shift Shuttle

  • Safe, precise and fast conveying system for large parts
  • Mechanical synchronisation
  • Simple design with one central drive for synchronized vertical and horizontal movement
  • Backdrop drive mechanically locks endposition - no overrun possible


EHS | Technical Specifications

Variable Max. Value
Customer Load - [per Station] 50 - 500 kg
Number of Stations 3 - 15 Stations
Horizontal Stroke 3.000 - 8.000 mm
Vertical Stroke 300 - 1.200 mm
Cycle Time - [Lifting-Transporting-Lowering] ≥ 10 s