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Lift. Shift. Repeat - The EXPERT-TÜNKERS Lift and Shift

The perfect solution for transporting
Car parts, underbodies  and complete bodies superstructures and entire bodies in welding lines.
The EXPERT-TÜNKERS Lift and shift systems transport several components synchronously, jerk-free and shock-free from station to station. The components are translated synchronously and inserted again in the next station after the horizontal stroke. The gentle component transfer takes place with V=0 mm/sec.
In addition to our standard product range, individual special solutions are available at any time.


Advantages Vertical Drive:

  • Jerk and shock-free drive movements
  • Freely selectable position of the component pick-up and drop
  • Low drive consumption
  • Most accurate, form-fitting, mechanically locked in end positions


Advantages Horozonal Drive:

Standard: Control with positioning (with servo motor)

  • Precise positioning by means of servo drive
  • Position control via Multiturn/SSI encoders
  • End position protection by means of shock absorbers

Optonal: Speed controlled (with AC motor)

  • With drive and end positon lock
  • Control of the fast and slow speed as well as the end positions made possible by cam-switch system


EHS | Technical Specifications

Variable Max. Value
Customer Load - [per Station] 50 - 500 kg
Number of Stations 3 - 15 Stations
Horizontal Stroke 3.000 - 8.000 mm
Vertical Stroke 300 - 1.200 mm
Cycle Time - [Lifting-Transporting-Lowering] ≥ 10 s