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DBH | Dual-Box-Lifter Request now

The EXPERT-TÜNKERS Dual-Box-Lifter is a low-profile rollerbed lifter with integrated spring suspension system. The low-profile and overall compact design leads to minimum space requirements and has no interfering edges for a perfect 360° robot accessibility. Additionally the Dual-Box-Lifter has an integrated energy storage system operated by two spiral springs. Their stored potential energy reduces the required energy by up to 30% per full cycle.


Vorteile Doppelboxheber

  • 30% less energy consumption by using the potential spring energy
  • Minimum space requirement
  • No interfering edges for robotic welding
  • Smooth component transfer
  • Flexible determination of the takeover position


DBH | Technical Specifications

Variable Max. Value
Customer Load - [Skid + Body] 200 - 900 kg
Horizontal Stroke 4.000 - 10.000 mm
Vertical Stroke max. 800 mm
Cycle Time - [Lifting-Transporting-Lowering] min. 8 s dependent from customer loads