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Innovative rotary tables for versatile use - discover new possibilities in the automation process!

Revolutionize your production processes with our proven products and our latest innovations – the state-of-the-art turntables from EXPERT-TÜNKERS GmbH. As a market leader in drive technology in the automotive industry, our reliable technology is also suitable for the automation sector.

Our extensive portfolio in drive technology offers a variety of opportunities to increase efficiency in your manufacturing. Whether it's cycling, flexible rotation in the gram range, or handling loads of several tons – our solutions provide astonishing accuracy and reliability for every application.

Why choose our turntables?

1. Precision Performance: With impressive accuracy and repeatability, our turntables set new standards in manufacturing technology.

2. Fast Rotation Times: For example, our EDC 810 completes a 90° rotation in 1.2 seconds with a load of 9 tons.

3. Robust Construction: Made from high-quality materials, our proven turntables offer a durable solution for demanding requirements.

4. Inherent Versatility: From electronics to the food industry, our turntables flexibly adapt to the requirements of various sectors.

5. Easy Integration: Seamless integration into existing systems allows for a smooth transition to more efficient production.


The future of your manufacturing begins now! Experience for yourself how our turntables can increase efficiency and open the door to new possibilities. Learn more about our portfolio in the attached presentation or contact us today at sales@... to discover how EXPERT-TÜNKERS GmbH can elevate your manufacturing to the next level.


We look forward to shaping the future of precision together with you.


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